As yet Unknown . . .

This page is devoted to pictures taken from old auction catalogues of  sitters and pictures that I have not yet been able to identify as I lack measurements and publication dates to give me guidance.  The true colour of the seated lady’s dress is blue rather than grey, but the image has been enlarged from a print-out of a 2004 eBay auction page, hence its poor quality. Fortunately it is more than adequate for identification purposes.

Mezzotints I have yet to find
There is a ‘Lady in Red’, published by the Fine Art Society in 1905, but the Society has no records for that period. Possibly the same as the above?
A picture titled ‘La Visite Rendue’
A picture titled ‘Malheurs de l’Amour’ published by Tooth
? Lucy Pelham Clinton in a landscape, sold by Brightwells, Herefordshire in 2005. They have no further details. Perhaps this was the chicken feeding portrait?
A picture called ‘The Harrison Family’ by the auctioneer, but this may have been ‘The Harrington Family’.

If you know who they are, please would you email me at [email protected]. If you know of any mezzotints and other work by my grandfather not on this site, I should be most grateful if you would provide me with information about them.   Colin Smythe