Richard Smythe

Hampton Court, 11.3 × 33.0cm, published by J.F.E.Grundy, 1925, 100 copies @ 2gns

Richard Smythe. Self portrait,  oils, 1930.

Ada Smythe, née King (1871-1957), painted in oils  by her husband in 1932.

Their elder son, Cyril Richard Smythe (1899-1984), painted in 1908.
(RFC, and later Wing Commander, RAF)


 ‘The Quadriga – Hyde Park Corner’, 21.0cm × 35.0cm, published by J.F.E.Grundy, 1924, 90 copies @ 2gns

‘The Thames at East Molesey’, 16.5cm × 24.3cm, published by Arthur Greatorex,

August 1st, 1924, 110 copies @ 2gns

‘Evening’, 11.00 cm × 17.5cm, No publisher (maybe Arthur Greatorex)

‘Hampton Court gateway’, engraving, 21.0cm × 16.5cm

‘Windsor Castle’, engraving, 20.0cm × 30.0cm

Lake scene – Ullswater 21.0cm × 30.0cm

Lake scene – Loch Lomond, 21.0cm × 30.0cm

Kingston Bridge, Surrey, publisher unknown

‘The Shambles, York’, published by J.F.E.Grundy, 1925, 150 copies @ 1½ gns


[‘A horse-drawn seed-drill’] (original title unknown) 13 x 30 cm.  Publisher and publication date unknown.
Reproduced from a copy in the possession of Fred Simeons.

Not yet seen

‘Law Courts, London’, published J.F.E.Grundy, 1925, 200 copies @ 3 gns 

My grandfather was also a portraitist in watercolour and in oils, but the only ones I know of are the family portraits.

I am listing this under ‘Not Yet Seen’ as so far I have only seen this American forgery.

The Law Courts. ‘Printed in U.S.A.’,  11.3 x 8.8cm. with forged signature

It is signed in ink, something I have never seen on a Smythe before, and the signature bears only a vague resemblance to his. Grundy’s editions were printed in the UK, and I suspect the original image to be at least twice these dimensions.

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